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Accurately verify an applicant’s suitability in minutes through our seamless processes.

Go beyond the conventional indicators

Powered by innovative technologies, Trustii takes a meticulous, automated approach that goes beyond conventional indicators to present an objective, comprehensive portrait of the candidate.

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  • Credit score
  • Banking verification
  • Criminal records
  • Reference checks
  • Financial behaviors
  • Online Reputation
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A simple, accelerated process

Eliminate the need for transcribing information from paper documents. Our processes allow you to centralize your operations and speed up the pre-selection process, all while removing the steps of printing, scanning, and emailing documents. This means you can obtain results within minutes without compromising the quality of the verification.

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An intuitive and intelligible report

Receive a complete, unambiguous report. Your candidate's profile is meticulously detailed using clear, well-structured indicators, ensuring effective transmission of results and conclusions, while offering a visually appealing presentation.

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An easy to integrate service

Integrate our background check module directly into your internal environment with our API RESTful. This way, you can centralize all your management operations without having to switch between different software.

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