We are fueled by initiatives that aspire to reduce cognitive biases in the background screening process.

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We drive innovation by challenging obsolete processes. We strive to stay ahead of the curve of investigative technologies. We are constantly improving our methods based on our vibrant curiosity and passion for a better future.

We remain on the lookout for changes in the markets to offer a solution that will always be one step ahead. So we can be sure we’re offering the leading solution.

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There is a lot of rigor and efforts behind the accurate and precise delivery of our trusted results. It starts with our diverse team of talented experts in their fields. We rely on the expertise of our team to offer an impactful solution. We have criminologists, designers, developers and cyber-investigation experts working together to build the most precise and state-of-the art procedures in the most elegant way.

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We make it our duty to be objective, honest and fair in all that we do. At Trustii we do not take shortcuts. This is why we develop high-performance tools while respecting the highest level of security in terms of data security and respect for privacy. By putting integrity first, we are able to deliver trusted results that are accurate, precise and legitimate.

Jean-Simon - Trustii team

Jean-Simon Gaboury


With more than 12 years of military and law enforcement experience, Jean-Simon is the leader of Trustii. With a degree in Investigation and Intelligence, Jean-Simon brings a strong professional and academic background to the management of Trustii.

Maxime Gallardon - Trustii team

Maxime Gallardon

Head of Sales

Maxime has been a business manager for the past 3 years. He holds a master’s degree in B2B commerce. His experience with the industry and construction sector led him to sharpen an analytical mind focused on problem solving.

Mathieu Bilodeau - Trustii team

Mathieu Bilodeau

Head of Engineering

Mathieu has extensive multidisciplinary experience in the software engineering sector. He has contributed as a team leader to the development of several technological applications.

Simon Verville - Trustii team

Simon Verville


Simon is a serial entrepreneur with an expertise in marketing. Heading up the marketing for all of his organizations, Simon also consults for startups and acts as a brands architect.

Julien Cousineau - Trustii-team

Julien Cousineau


Julien is the CTO & Founder of Flinks Technology.
Julien has an extended set of skills from pure tech to building highly efficient and success driven team.
He’ve participate into raising more than 150M in the private equity, and went through all phases of a tech startup, including some exit.

Simon-Pierre Lebel - Trustii team

Simon-Pierre Lebel

Interim CISO

Simon-Pierre is a highly experienced IT leader with over 15 years of seniority in various IT positions, now operating as VP of IT Operations and Security for Flinks. He loves sharing his passion about automation, scaling and security.

Arnaud Duret - Trustii team

Arnaud Duret

Cyberinvestigation consultant

Trained as a homeland security expert, Arnaud has worked as an intelligence analyst for police forces and public security services.

Jeev George

Business Development Executive

Jeev has a unique background in engineering and business development. His passion for complex problem solving and building processes over the last 5 years helped organizations scale with little resources in the security and SaaS industries. He loves finding creative ways to build awareness to solve the pain points clients face.

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