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Elevating Your Workplace Security: The Role of Employee Screening in Today’s Paradigm

Article by Trustii
Wednesday 11 October 2023
Elevating Your Workplace Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, one aspect has become increasingly vital for companies seeking not just survival but also long-term prosperity: employee screening. As businesses adapt to new paradigms and face constant, emerging risks, traditional methods of background checks have shown their limitations. 


In this article, we delve into the pivotal place of employee screening in today’s dynamic work environment, shedding light on its transformative potential and its profound impact beyond the hiring process. Trustii, with its intelligent and automated background screening, stands as a guardian of trust in this new reality.


Out with the Old: The Clunky Experience of Traditional Checks


The shortcomings of traditional background checks have become glaringly evident, especially in light of recent business dynamics. Indeed, one of the most notable data breaches in the history of Canadian financial institutions was the case of Desjardins Group, which impacted approximately 2.7 million individuals and 173,000 businesses. The repercussions of this single breach were humongous, resulting in financial losses exceeding $200 million. Furthermore, it inflicted severe damage upon their brand reputation and led to a significant erosion of trust among their customer base.


This is just one example among many. Whatever the case may be, employee theft is a widespread issue. The evidence is clear and obvious, the conventional methods, which often involve time-consuming processes and limited data sources, no longer suffice in a world where agility is paramount. The modern business landscape demands efficiency, precision, and the ability to respond swiftly to emerging challenges.

Unmasking New Risks: Navigating the Complex Terrain


In today’s world, businesses face a host of new and multifaceted risks that extend far beyond the parameters of a simple background check and credit score. From cybersecurity threats to corporate espionage and financial fraud, the list of potential pitfalls is extensive. 


In the United States, the financial toll of white-collar crimes in 2021 ranged between $426 billion to a staggering $1.7 trillion. These crimes, including larceny, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and others, affected over 35% of businesses. 

According to a PwC Global Economic Crime Survey, 57% of fraud is committed by company insiders or a combination of insiders and outsiders. 37% of fraud is committed solely by insiders. Surprisingly, management makes up the largest portion of employees who commit fraud, with middle management being behind the fraud 34% of the time and senior management 26% of the time.


The repercussions of employee theft extend well beyond financial losses. Such incidents typically trigger employee layoffs, necessitate more frequent audits, result in customer attrition, consume additional time in security discussions, and impose heightened security requirements to protect against future threats.


Regardless of their scale, businesses must develop the ability to identify and assess these risks, which is crucial for maintaining not only the integrity of their workforce but also the viability of their commercial activities.


Enhancing Risk Management: The Need for Speed and Precision


As we can see, identifying and mitigating emerging risks has become a big concern. Traditional checks, often relying on historical data and standard metrics, fall short in capturing the evolving subtleties of modern threats. Real-time analysis and a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to data are now indispensable. This is where screening technologies, like Trustii’s advanced background screening, prove their mettle.


Trustii’s approach transcends the limitations of conventional checks by harnessing the power of open banking data, online open source intelligence, and e-reputation analysis. Through these innovative data sources, Trustii paints a detailed and intricate picture of potential candidates, uncovering subtle nuances that traditional checks simply can’t detect. This not only aids in identifying red flags but also offers a holistic view of each candidate’s risk profile. As white-collar crimes often go undetected among individuals with clean records, it’s essential to be able to count on a much more complete view.


Improving the Hiring Experience

Beyond enhancing risk analysis, safeguard platforms like Trustii streamline the entire hiring process. Candidates no longer face the frustrating delays associated with traditional checks. Employers benefit from industry-leading turnaround times, ensuring that the hiring process remains agile and efficient. This not only attracts top talent but also minimizes the downtime between identifying a suitable candidate and bringing them on board.

Elevating Your Workplace Security

From Workforce Integrity to Commercial Credibility


Employee screening isn’t confined to HR, the impact of a rigorous pre-hiring process extends far beyond workforce management. In industries where trust and security are non-negotiable, such as banking and technology, the integrity of each individual within the organization directly influences the trustworthiness of the services offered.


By identifying potential risks at the outset, organizations safeguard not only their internal operations but also fortify their reputation and credibility in sectors where trust is the most precious currency.


The Foundation of Fraud Prevention: A Better Pre-Hiring Process


Fighting fraud pays, but quantifying the advantages of a fraud prevention tool can pose a considerable challenge. While it’s intuitive that preventive actions can curtail the frequency and severity of future incidents, a more intriguing statistic emerges – a distinct correlation between initial investments in fraud prevention and reduced costs when fraud does strike.


Typically, companies equipped with a dedicated fraud prevention program tend to allocate fewer resources toward response, remediation, and fines. PwC’s data reveals that:

  • Companies that have established a dedicated fraud program reported spending 42% less on response efforts.
  • Additionally, they experienced a 17% reduction in remediation costs compared to organizations without such programs in place.

These figures underscore the tangible benefits of proactive fraud prevention strategies, not only in mitigating the likelihood of fraud but also in diminishing the financial burdens associated with addressing fraud when it does occur. Even though it never happened, your business is not immune to these challenges. 


One of the initial and most pivotal steps an organization must take in its prevention is to establish a more robust pre-hiring process. This fundamental component acts as the first line of defense, offering a crucial vantage point from which to assess and mitigate emerging risks. The greater the protection of this initial line, the lower your vulnerability to future fraud becomes.


Pre-hiring assessments, particularly background checks, emerge as a potent shield against the unknown. While we acknowledge that technology is just part of the answer, Trustii act as a trusted partner that helps you navigate the emerging risks when it comes to hiring.


The Cornerstone of Modern Business: Ensuring Security and Integrity with Employee Screening


So, where do you currently stand on hiring and risk management? Are you a proactive leader, consistently working to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging threats? Or, perhaps there are areas within your hiring process that require immediate attention and improvement.


Nowadays, the significance of employee screening cannot be overstated. Regardless of your starting point, one thing is abundantly clear: action is imperative. Even the best hiring programs need ongoing evaluation and refinement. In a world where perpetrators and tactics continually evolve, your defenses must adapt to counter new risks effectively.


If your screening process contains blind spots, you’re inadvertently exposing your organization to potential risks and the escalating costs associated with fraud. Remember that the financial toll of a bad hire can reach an astonishing $240,000.


Take the initiative, stay vigilant, and adapt proactively to secure your hiring process and protect your organization from the unforeseen risks that the modern business landscape presents. Trustii is here to help you navigate this new era of risk management with precision and confidence.


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