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Learn how our ability to pay indicator works

Article by Trustii
Friday 20 May 2022

One of the biggest fears of landlords is non-payment of rent. To protect their real estate investment, landlords should check beforehand the financial capacity of their future tenant. To avoid disputes and having to go to Administrative Housing Tribunal, it is essential to make the necessary checks before signing a lease. There are now indicators and methods that allow landlords to make a thorough and complete assessment. With Trustii, you have the possibility to check the potential tenant’s current ability to pay, in just a few minutes! Read on to learn more about this unique indicator that will allow you to objectively assess the financial profile of your prospective tenant.

What is ability to pay?

Ability to pay refers to the means available to a prospective tenant to pay the desired rent. To determine the applicant’s ability to pay, Trustii cross-checks an analysis of the cash inflows in the account and examines the variability of deposits. Our algorithms then make it possible to assess the future tenant’s real ability to pay, reducing the biases involved in a quick reading of the credit file. In fact, thanks to this indicator, an ordinary credit score is not necessarily synonymous with a bad payer.

How do I get a tenant’s ability to pay with Trustii?

To obtain the ability to pay in the pre-rental survey, we offer 3 packages: Light, Medium or High. All packages include the ability to perform payment analysis. By using bank authentication, Trustii relies on up-to-date financial data to project more authentic and relevant results.

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Why consider Trustii for your tenant selection?

Understanding the tenant’s ability to pay is an essential component in qualifying a candidate. If the prospective tenant is not in a favorable financial position, the landlord may find himself in trouble, especially if the rent is not paid.

However, verification solutions can be tedious to complete and can take days to generate results, which is why, we, at Trustii have strived to simplify and digitize the pre-rental screening process. With Trustii, you will have a more accurate picture of the potential candidate. You’ll get accurate, easy-to-interpret indicators and results much faster than with other pre-placement survey methods currently available on the market.

All you have to do is enter the details of the property for rent, send an invitation to the applicant and wait for the results. Of course, our algorithms will take care of the rest to identify reliable tenants. Doing business with Trustii means having peace of mind and making informed decisions.

Ready to evaluate a future tenant with Trustii?

The pre-rental survey of a candidate does not have to be complicated. At Trustii, we understand the reality of managers and/or owners, so it is important to offer a fast, innovative and efficient service. All this while guaranteeing the protection of personal data by exceeding the requirements of the Personal Data Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Are you a landlord who wants to evaluate the profile of your future tenants? Switch to Trustii to get reliable survey indicators while choosing a package that fits your needs.

If you would like to know more about our solution for landlords and tenants, you can contact us at [email protected]. We are here to answer your questions! To be on the lookout for upcoming developments, follow us on our social networks.

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