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Horizon, the New Era of Organizational Human Risk Management

Article by Trustii
Tuesday 28 May 2024

Horizon, the New Era of Organizational Human Risk Management

Montreal, May 28, 2024Horizon, a new product of Quebec company Trustii, has recently launched an eponymous software in response to an urgent need to reduce and prevent human risks within organizations. Managing and preventing incidents from employees or providers are essential components of organizational risk management. The Horizon software thus focuses on identifying, assessing, and managing risks associated with employee actions within a company.

Horizon acts as a control centre to reduce the risks associated with incidents involving human actions. It is by thoroughly observing the organizational risk management sector that we came up with Horizon. Companies are well-equipped for the hiring process, but their in-service monitoring is rather hazy. We can now offer a sense of clarity to senior management so they can identify the signs before an incident happens,

– Simon Verville, Co-founder of Trustii.

Incident mitigation should not be limited to solely the hiring process. They should happen periodically, depending on the profession and its associated risks. “Horizon automates the process according to rules specific to each role type, which is in turn linked to risk profiles or position categories. Once all the rules are set for each risk profile, governance team would then get notified when an issue has been detected by Horizon during verification. This would happen according to the desired recurrence for a specific position.” adds Verville. For example, difficult financial situations for sensitive positions, a lack of licence or permit renewal, or legal proceedings in progress are all risks that can have considerable implications for a company, depending on the job type involved.

Horizon has several benefits, including but not limited to: tailor-made structuring of verification levels, major incident prevention via appropriate risk classification, real-time comprehensive view of organizational human risks, legal liabilities prevention and automation of recurring and continuous security investigations.

Horizon saves time and allows for easily adaptable risk management according to organizational policies and procedures, while also supporting management by eliminating the administrative burden of the verification process,

– Jean-Simon Gaboury, CEO and Co-founder of Trustii.

A Well-received Launch

The official launch of Horizon took place in the Port of Montreal Tower. On April 8th, 2024, during the total solar eclipse, Horizon, the new era of human risk management, was brought to light! Executives of major Quebec companies and cybersecurity companies, as well as renowned actors in the risk management sector, attended the launch event. Many of the companies present have already integrated Horizon into their organizations.

Horizon helps organizations build a robust human risk management structure. Jump on a call with us and find out how Horizon reduces your risk exposure.

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