Let's recap 2023 and explore what's in store for you in 2024 with Trustii - Trustii

Let’s recap 2023 and explore what’s in store for you in 2024 with Trustii

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Saturday 30 December 2023
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Let’s dive into Trustii’s Recap 2023

In 2023, Trustii experienced a dynamic year marked by various challenges and successes. Throughout the year, we celebrated the introduction of innovative products, orchestrated memorable onsite events, forged exceptional partnerships, and achieved other noteworthy milestones. Join us as we reflect on some of the standout moments from the past year.

Notable features released

The integration of the criminal record verification service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) National Repository

A national criminal record verification service is now available within the RCMP’s National Repository. In collaboration with a partner police force, this service validates or invalidates a candidate’s declarations regarding their criminal history on a national scale.

Furthermore, Trustii has expanded its offering by incorporating advanced criminal record checks. This verification is designed for businesses requiring a thorough examination of criminal records, ongoing charges, and pending warrants. This level 2 check also validates other legal matters, such as conditional and unconditional releases within the applicable disclosure period.

Degree and License Verification

We have added a service to validate the academic achievements of candidates in order to confirm the completed studies of applicants. In response to the demand from our clients in the healthcare sector, we have also developed a service to validate, through accredited databases, the validity of nursing practice licenses in Quebec and Ontario.

Online Reputation Verification and Social Media Analysis

Our team added a negative media analysis service powered by Valital to catalog and categorize all publicly available media on the Internet from open sources. This service evaluates the relevance of articles and categorizes them according to specific themes that may be compromising. This module provides insights into information that could have gone unnoticed.

Additionally, a profile detection and social media analysis service with key indicators to quickly understand the nature of a applicant’s publications and behaviors on social networks.

A year of Partnerships


We announced early in the year our collaboration with the Devimco group. A significant builder that recognized the potential of tech tools and now utilizes Trustii across all their large-scale real estate projects.


In order to optimize our services, we have decided to join forces with Zipplex, a company specializing in monitoring real estate trends in Canada, with a particular focus on rental value. This collaboration provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by our clients in property management, while also allowing us to work on future integrations to develop innovative features in analyzing the compatibility between rent and potential tenants for our clients.


We have entered into a partnership agreement with Valital to add more value to our analysis reports by incorporating data from sources beyond traditional databases. This partnership enables us to offer a unique proposition in the background check market, while also leveraging responsible artificial intelligence.

Regroupement québécois des résidences pour ainée (RQRA)

In 2023, Trustii became the official provider of RQRA for the largest Quebec association of senior residences. Trustii is very proud to partner with a renowned organization like the RQRA. This collaboration commits us to enhancing the quality of services within senior residences. The Trustii Verification tool thus becomes more than relevant to integrate into the recruitment process of RQRA members.

We were also present at the Annual Congress of the RQRA to meet with managers and gain a better understanding of their reality regarding their hiring processes.


After our integration into the UpperBee platform, it was Plexflow’s clients who were able to see the integration of Trustii directly into their dashboards. This initiative aligns with our vision of ensuring complementarity by adding our background check tool to relevant management software in the sectors we serve, such as in property management.

Several other new partnerships will be unveiled in early 2024. We are eager to share them with you.

A Glimpse into 2024

A multitude of innovations will unfold in 2024, particularly regarding the integration of our verification module Verify by Trustii. . Several projects are currently under development, while others of equal magnitude are about to be announced, bringing a breath of fresh air to the background check sector.

As well, get ready for Oversight by Trustii, our newest product module for human risk management. This module, primarily developed for professional environments, will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2024.

Horizon is a module that will allow business managers to gain a holistic view of their workforce’s risk management and configure elements to reduce internal risks associated with human behavior.

The user of this module will be able to:

    • Configure periodic security investigations of their workforce based on flexible criteria.
    • Establish risk levels according to the position in parallel with the criteria to comply with the company’s risk tolerance.
    • Build verification profiles.
    • Establish the risk tolerance of the organization.
    • And more…

We are ready to present a first version of this module in a closed trial. We invite you to apply to witness the gap that this module fills in today’s organizations.

Apply to the Waiting List Today!


Finally, we take this opportunity in this article to wish you a happy new year and reiterate our thanks for your trust in Trustii, contributing to maintaining your workspaces or real estate portfolio in a healthy and secure environment.


For any assistance or queries, our support team is ready to help.

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